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Health and Performance Online. Qualified online fitness coach, personal trainer & dietician based in Chorlton, Manchester.  Providing personalised food and exercise plans for amazing body transformations.

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 "Adapting to the social distancing rules and living life in quarantine has been tough on everybody.  The disruption to daily routines, the uncertainty and anxiety about whether things will ever return to some sense of normality play major roles in how we behave.  Since lockdown started one of the key factors keeping me sane through it all has been the regular online coaching sessions with Rick.  With the ‘adapted for home’ workout routines and weekly newsletters, it’s helped me to find a good balance between maintaining a decent fitness regime and supporting my emotional wellbeing during what is a very turbulent time.  Very grateful to Rick for his hard work and determination in providing a great service for his clients."


Tim Corcoran